Symposia on “Citizen Science for a Sustainable Mountain Future” Announced

The second international conference on Mountains in the Changing World (MoChWo) 2017 has announced a
symposia on Citizen Science for  Sustainable Mountain Future

We are now accepting abstracts for this symposia – please see below for details.

About Symposium

Citizen science is the process of involving citizens (or “non-professional scientists”) in the scientific process as researchers.  Citizen science can include community based monitoring and or community based management.  Citizen science is on the rise in the U.S., Canada, and in many other areas around the world.  New developments in sensing technology, data processing and analysis, and methods of knowledge communication are opening novel opportunities for citizen science.  In particular, recent advances in mobile technologies make smartphones a perfect tool for citizen science.  GPS and high resolution camera technology embedded in smartphones can be used to collect verifiable records in the field, and cellular networks can be leveraged to transmit collected data to a central repository.  For example, water resources for human purposes is one of the most fundamental ecosystem services and yet fundamental data required to adequately management water resources are often lacking both spatially and temporally.  Therefore, there are novel opportunities for applying citizen science to help close this water resources data gap.  This session solicits abstracts about the use of citizen science and participatory research in all disciplines associated with mountain ecosystems, including disasters; biodiversity; climate change; pollution; forest management; soil, air, and water research; agriculture; livelihoods; and mountain resource policy.  Two additional core topics of the session will be: (1) how to properly motivate citizen scientists to start and continue their involvement in citizen science projects and (2) how to use mobile technology, and/or low cost sensors, as a catalyst for implementing citizen science projects.

Conveners of the symposia

Corresponding Co-Convener: Jeffrey C. Davids, M.Sc., P.E.,, President, SmartPhones4Water (S4W), and PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Co-Convener: Deep Narayan Shah, Ph.D., President, Himalayan Biodiversity and Climate Change Center (HimBioCliCC), and Water Resources Specialist, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

If you have questions about the symposia, contact corresponding co-convener of the symposia (email given above).


Scholarships for covering MoChWo conference fees will be granted to up to 10 student applicants via a competitive abstract review process.  Please indicate on the MoChWo 2017 online abstract submission system your interest in being considered for a scholarship.  All scholarship winners will be expected to participate in the Symposium, and a few will have the opportunity to make oral presentations about their research.

Abstract Submission

Please use the MoChWo 2017 online abstract submission system (see details here: ) for submitting abstracts.

Important Deadlines

  • Abstract submission: 22 August
  • Registration: 22 Semester
  • Conference: 27-28 October

Contact Details

MoChWo 2017 Secretariat

Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences
PO Box: 23002, Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-01-6924204
Conference Website:

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